Saturday, October 31, 2015

Spooky, Sparkly Spiderwebs - HPB Linkup

BONUS POST!  Because I love Halloween, I thought I'd post twice in one day. *GASP* (Also, it's another link-up post with the Hobby Polish Bloggers on Facebook...check out more Halloween manis below)

Behold! 'Tis a sparkly and glittery spiderweb mani! I used a black base, Orly Liquid Vinyl, for each nail. The glitter is Ozotic 528 (*drool*). The middle and ring finger polish is Zoya Belinda and Giovanna sponged on with a makeup sponge. I used Vivid Lacquer Pro Collection XL 05 for the stamp with Konad White polish.

Indoor lighting

Outdoors - shade

Direct sun

Gradient Goodness

Have a Happy Halloween!! 

Stay spooky,

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Creepy Drippy Nails

Happy Halloween!! This mani is part of the Halloween Link Up with the Hobby Polish Blogger group on Facebook. 

For this mani, I painted my nails with a base color of Zoya Belinda. Probably my favorite purple at the moment. It's so mesmerizing! For my ring finger, the base color is Orly Liquid Vinyl. For the drips, I used Orly Liquid Vinyl and Whimsical Nail Polish by Pam in Itsy Bitsy Spider for the drips on my ring finger. See below for a little tutorial.

This mani was difficult to photograph as the colors are quite dark. These pictures, unfortunately, don't do it justice. 

Fridge lighting


And now for a mini tutorial:

Step 1. Paint a base color. Two coats of Zoya Belinda here.

Step 2. Choose your stencil. I used Vinyl Nail Stencils from Pueen (you can find them on Amazon). Let the base dry completely and put your stencil/tape/what have you over top. I like to weaken the stickiness by sticking it to my skin and pulling it off a couple times. Make sure it's pressed down on your nail good and tight.

Step 3. Paint your drip color.

Step 4. Before the drip color dries, pull of the vinyl. Put on a healthy coat of top coat and you're done.


Thanks for reading! Check out some of the fabulous Halloween nail art from the talented bloggers below.

-Melissa :)

All products used in this post are from my collection and were not provided for review.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Fall Colors - HPB Linkup

Today's post is another linkup with the Hobby Polish Bloggers group on Facebook. This month's theme is fall/autumn.

Ahh, Fall--my favorite season. Cooler temps, fall colors, sweaters, boots, pumpkin everything. Never mind that it's still in the 90s here in Southern California and far too hot for sweaters or boots at the moment. And unfortunately, fall colors don't really happen here so I resorted to putting them on my nails instead. I can pretend it's fall, right?

For this mani, I used some of my favorite Butter London Polishes: Shag, Branwen's Feather, and Wallis. Each one has a different metallic shimmer for that festive fall feel. For my middle and ring fingers, I sponged on the polishes with a makeup sponge. Unfortunately, the photos don't do any favors for Branwen's Feather. It is a rich, deep eggplant color, but appears more black in the photos.

Sponged Fall Colors Butter London

Sponged Fall Colors Butter London

Looking forward to many more fall-themed manis. We'll see how many I will manage to post (ha!). Thanks for reading!

Melissa :)