Sunday, September 14, 2014

Muted Mondrian-Inspired Mani (with a coordinating fan brush mani on the non-dom. hand)

I have another art-inspired mani for you this week from another Dutch painter, no less. This one is a request from a friend and it was so much fun to paint this one. I chose to do a variation on the famous geometric paintings by Piet Mondrian.

Mondrian-style art (stock photo)

Despite the horrifically hot weather (it's over 100 degrees today...oyyy), I'm ready for Fall to begin so I thought I'd try to usher it in by using colors that remind me of the season while still keeping to the red, yellow, blue vibe of Mondrian's art.

Mondrian; nail art; fall colors
Muted Mondrian mani. And the thermometer is chillin' (ha) between 100 and 110. Awesome.

Finding the best light source to most accurately represent the colors can be difficult. I'm not gonna lie, the next photo was taken in the refrigerator. There's good lighting in there! (Plus it helps neutralize my lobstery-red fingers with its bluish LED awesomeness)

Mondrian; nail art; fall colors
Indoor lighting

The following photo was not taken in the refrigerator.

Mondrian; nail art; fall colors
Direct sun

The base color is Essie - Sand Tropez. I also used Zoya - Natty, Nails Inc. - Hampstead Gardens, and Hits - Bardana. The lines were made with a black nail art polish by Orly.

For my right hand, I wanted to do something that would look decent with my left hand, but wouldn't take as much time to accomplish. This is what resulted: 

Fan Brush, nail art, french tip, fall colors
Refrigerator lighting

I really love how it turned out. It coordinates with the colors of the Mondrian-inspired side and also opposes it with its messy colors and angled lines. I used the same polishes for this one. The smeary look is done with a fan brush. I added angled tips to finish it off.  

I'm really enjoying these artist-inspired nail art designs. I wonder what to try next....

Thanks for reading!!

All polishes used in this post are my own.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Starry Night

I love having fun with my manis and if I have the time, rest assured I will do my best to make it elaborate. Tiny paint brushes seem to be my tool of choice lately so I decided to try my hand at an oft-replicated (imitated?) piece of art -- Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Starry Night - Van Gogh

I have zero experience painting anything but my nails so this was a challenge for me. And I like challenges.

Van Gogh; Starry Night; nail art; impressionist
Direct sun (looks super bright...I think Blogger is messing with my colors)

Van Gogh; Starry Night; nail art; impressionist
Indirect sun

Van Gogh; Starry Night; nail art; impressionist
Thumb detail

I'm really happy with how this turned out. It's not perfect, but that's okay. It's my interpretation. :) This is one of those manis that I'd like to revisit sometime to work on improving. Maybe some painting lessons along the way just for fun.

BONUS! WOOHOO! I didn't want to do the same thing on my right hand (was getting tired) so I opted for a vertical gradient using the same colors. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but at least it coordinates with my left hand (and didn't take hours to accomplish). 

gradient; nail art

I'd love to try my hand (ha!) at something you'd like to see. Any requests for particular artwork? 

Thanks for reading!