Saturday, July 25, 2015

HPB Presents: Starry Summer Nights

This month's Hobby Polish Bloggers theme is "Starry Night Sky." I chose to create a dusky sky when the stars just start to appear. My goal was to depict a view from a mountain overlooking a distant horizon shortly after the sunset. You know that magical time when the surroundings are silhouettes and the sky is filled with deepening color on a clear summer night? It's my favorite.

Starry Night Sky nail art

I used several polishes for this mani. To create the gradient, I used: Butter London - Royal Navy, Essie - Aruba Blue, Zoya - Blu, and China Glaze - Sun Worshipper.

The grayed-out ground in the distance is Essie - Lapiz of Luxury and the black is Orly Instant Artist - Jet Black.

The "stars" at the top of the gradient and on my index and pinkie fingers are from one of my all time favorite polishes, Model City Polish - Geminids. These photos do not do it justice. I love it so much (for many reasons), but the tiny bar glitter makes it special. Reminds me of shooting stars (as in the Geminids meteor shower).

Starry Night Sky nail art

For this mani, I tried out the liquid latex technique that has been gaining popularity. Since I was doing a gradient, this was the perfect opportunity to try it out. Gradients are messy. I painted liquid latex on the skin around my cuticle. The one I used is called Liquid Latex Fashions in teal. Found it on Amazon.

Latex Technique for Nail art

And then proceeded with the gradient. I used a makeup sponge to make the gradient. See the glorious mess created by the gradient? Blue polish is a pain in the arse to remove from skin, too.

Latex Technique for Nail art

After 3 layers of the gradient, I painted the tree silhouettes with Orly Instant Artist. It's one of those nail art polishes with a tiny, thin brush.

Next, time to peel off the latex! It came off really easily and revealed (mostly) clean skin. Success!

Latex Technique for Nail art

Clean up a bit with some acetone, glaze it over with top coat, and the gradient looks smooth. Since it was nighttime when I did this mani and the lighting in my home isn't the best for photos, I opted for a refrigerator-lit photo. I think the cool-toned LEDs in the fridge capture the richness of the blue polish rather nicely.

Starry Night Sky nail art

This mani makes me want to go stargazing. Living in suburbia, I don't regularly get to see views like this so putting it on my nails is the next best thing!

Starry Night Sky nail art

If you'd like to see more Model City Polish, check out her Etsy shop.

Happy Summer to all! Thanks for reading.

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All polishes and products used in this post are from my own collection and were not provided for review.