Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nail Pattern Boldness - Le Big Party and Zoya - Evvie

Today I have a non-nail art mani to share. For this one, I used a polish that I've been aching to use for a while now--Nail Pattern Boldness - Le Big Party. It is tiny, matte rainbow-colored glitter. I used two coats as a topper over two coats of Zoya - Evvie, which Zoya describes as "a dark smoky grey cream with strong teal green undertones." I'd also describe it as a grayed out military green. Base coat is Orly Bonder and top coat, Seche Vite.

Nail Pattern Boldness, Le Big Party, Zoya, Evvie, rainbow, glitter, green
Direct sunlight

Nail Pattern Boldness, Le Big Party, Zoya, Evvie, rainbow, glitter, green

Le Big Party is so pretty. Look at it! LOOK AT IT!!

Nail Pattern Boldness, Le Big Party, Zoya, Evvie, rainbow, glitter, green
Rainbow glitter! (Close-up in direct sunlight)

I am loving this tiny glitter. Not sure if this is considered "microglitter," but it is very small, nonetheless. Le Big Party would look great over pretty much any color and it is a party on your nails!

In other exciting news, I thought it was time for a little cosmetic makeover on my blog. As an utter noob in the graphic-editing department, I am rather proud of my header design. What do you think? Also, I finally figured out how to do curved text so I'm playing with the curved watermark idea, too. 

Thanks for reading!
- Melissa

All polishes used in this post are from my own collection and were not provided for review. All opinions are my own.


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